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Insurance Claims

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For theft, burglary, personal loss or accidental damage.

Making a claim on your home contents insurance, if you accidentally break something at home, suffer a burglary or lose one of your favourite earrings or personal valuables, can be time consuming and tedious. Most people just don’t bother to make a claim, when they spend up to thousands of pounds insuring against accidental damage, loss, theft and burglary.

Let Winchester Valuations handle your insurance claim for your general household items, antiques, jewellery and personal possessions. As long as you have reported the incident to the police and obtained a crime reference number. Their experienced team can handle the rest of the claim, from checking your policy and level of cover, to preparing a post loss valuation report for single articles to whole contents and then submitting the claim form and liaising with the insurers or the insurance brokers to maximise your claim pay out.